Gun Maintenance And Sales

Gun ownership in America is still growing and one great opportunity is to seek employment at a gun store or manufacturer. While the big gun makers may be located in just a few areas, there are many small gun stores that take on personalised and one off projects for individuals as well as police and armed services.

This is one industry that probably seeks out retired soldiers the most due to their extensive knowledge and experience with guns and ammunition and the ease with which they can work with guns. The first-hand knowledge and training gained in a military career is second to none and is in great demand with all the increased demand for home protection.

vietnam memorialSelling is a skill that can be taught and will come more natural to some. But the important thing is that you have to know the product you are selling and being a veteran brings that knowledge and appeal to potential buyers. It’s like buying a cell phone. Would you rather have a butcher try and convince you of the merits of a cell phone or a young technology geek that actually understands the inner workings?

There is also the aspect of maintenance and repairs. These are skills taught to all soldiers as it is crucial to many combat situations. Gun store owners love it when they can hire a veteran as the amount of teaching the job is minimal. You are practically ready to start working the moment you walk in the door.

Of course there are new concepts and possibly different types of guns to get familiar with, but the basics are all the same. With a little experience and further training this can then lead to careers in custom gun making which is becoming increasingly popular in the public.

But there is also the appeal to work on law enforcement and military projects where you know that your work will make the difference to a fellow soldier or police officer and will help save lives. It is a great way to work in an industry you are very familiar with and to make a significant difference to the customers you serve.

Checking in with local gun stores and asking whether they are hiring is one of the best options, as you can immediately talk to the owner and sell the fact that you are a veteran looking for work. If any store owner has work they will be foolish to turn down a veteran.

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