Career Advice: Shooting Range Instructor

Many veterans can end up struggling to adapt to civilian work life, and this becomes increasingly more difficult the longer the term of service. Military work life and active duty bring with them certain ethics and approaches that are not always suitable to other work environments.

One way to mitigate this is to choose an industry where there are either a lot of veterans employed or the products and services offered are similar to military work environments. One of our previous posts highlighted work as a gunsmith or gun sales assistant, which is quite obviously something any soldier would be able to relate to.

Another option though is to work as a shooting range instructor to train civilians in the use of various firearms. This is a great way to use knowledge and experience from the military and bring it to a point where it can be related to non-military people.

shooting rangeWorking at a gun range will bring familiar sounds and equipment to a veteran, and there are lots of services that you would be able to offer. At the most basic level you can provide training to people who have never owned a gun or want to become more proficient at it, maybe for competitive target shooting purposes.

Another very common problem for people at a shooting range is how to sight in a scope. This is a task any soldier would be very familiar with, but unless you know what you are doing it can be difficult to understand and do right. Help people out with this task is very common, especially at the start of the hunting season.

With AR 15 rifles being ever more popular you will also find people using such rifles for multiple purposes including hunting. As the AR15 takes a lot of its design features from military weapons, veterans are perfectly suited to helping out with their maintenance. The great thing with the AR is that it comes with loads of different mounting brackets so you will likely encounter people looking to sight in the best AR 15 optics for different purposes (including hunting and tactical), who require a little help with the assembly and sighting.

Many states require training and certification to become an instructor and you should check out the various educational assistance programs open to veterans to see if any of them qualify. But having full certification will certainly help in finding work in this field.

The best thing you can do is head to a local shooting range and talk to an owner about some available part time work and what they require from employees. They will also be able to point you in the right direction for certification requirements that may be necessary.

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